“I have been attending yoga classes presented by Doreen Lehmann for the past 18 months and I can thoroughly recommend this practice as most beneficial for general mind and body wellbeing. As a 70-year old woman who has not been involved in other forms of physical exercise on a regular basis for many years, I wish to commend Doreen for the classes she has designed specifically for those who may not have experienced the benefits of yoga practice. I have found these classes to be both therapeutic and enjoyable. Doreen is a superb tutor who encourages participants to achieve the most advantages possible from this holistic practice for their overall good health.”

Eileen ShewanYoga

“Yoga on a Monday evening is a must to keep the body and soul in tip-top condition even at the ripe old age of 75+. As a lapsed yoga devotee in the 1970s, a neighbour recently mentioned Doreen Lehmann’s classes at the Fendalton Community Centre, and once tried, I was hooked. Doreen encourages us to twist, stretch, balance and deep-breathe for the 1¼-hour class followed by 15 minutes’ relaxation. I can thoroughly recommend this regular exercise amongst a friendly mixed age group.”


“Doreen has been my yoga teacher for more than 10 years and she is wonderful. Her warmth, humour, patience and teaching method is so individual even in a class of many others. She takes a personal interest in all our lives and I know I can speak to her at any time about yoga or about how I am feeling in daily life. Doreen’s method of teaching continues to grow and I can only hope she will be my teacher for many years to come.”


“As yoga involves using all parts of the body, with chronic pain I find I overuse some parts and some not much at all. Doreen’s yoga approach helps balance this out. Due to the conditions, movements have been difficult, but with time and perseverance I have managed to regain the skills I lost mentally and physically, and they are little steps at a time. Living with pain often means not breathing properly. Here, Doreen’s yoga class helps in making me aware of the change in my breathing and what to do to breathe through the pain and anxiety. During a class, it is not always easy, not that it’s meant to be. Having completed a session, my mind and body were given a good work out. Therefore, relaxing after is very easy and cutting off from the world mentally and physically. At times the thought of going to yoga when I’m at a low point hasn’t been easy, but making myself has been so beneficial mentally and physically. In the end, I always feel I have achieved something.”


“I’ve been going to yoga on and off for many years and had a number of very good teachers. However, for the past number of years I’ve been attending classes run by Doreen and have found her to be the best! Not only is she a really good and very knowledgeable teacher (and always keen to keep learning herself), but she somehow manages to assess the needs of the group and tailor her class to suit. She is really thoughtful about your physical needs and limitations, never pushing you beyond what you can do but always offering a range of options for any posture and encouraging you to be “bodyful” – being in touch with your own body and its needs on any particular day. When I’m not able to get to her class I truly miss it!”


“Everyone is looking for something different from their yoga instructor. I was looking for a holistic approach; someone who was able to look beyond muscular strength and fitness to whole body and mind wellness. I came across Doreen 3 years ago and struck gold. Doreen is a soothing, calming person who is innately interested in her students and how to help them modify their practice to suit their own needs. I look forward to my class with Doreen all week, as it clears my head, limbers me up, and gives me the skills I need to deal with the stress of my busy schedule.”

Stephanie NixonYoga

“I not only enjoy the class, but have learnt so much about yoga practice. The benefits have been great to me, with breathing techniques especially, so valuable. Leaning to focus the mind, be in the present and be body aware has been developing with your guidance and teaching. The style of your teaching is caring and nurturing and this appeals to me.”

Sharron TinettiYoga

“I have been attending Doreen’s yoga classes for a number of years now. Her classes are structured, but also very intuitive. She is open to listening to our needs (current aches & pain) and often adapts her class to meet these. I always come away feeling relaxed and refreshed in both body and mind.”


“The benefits to me of Doreen’s yoga class are that I learn how to listen to my body, how to feel I am at that moment and how not to strain my body. Also, I am in remission from Lymphoma and my lifestyle and Dance Movement Therapy are a part which has helped to keep me well. It has kept me flexible and helped to cope with life better. This means I can still climb hills, dance and help with our property. I love Doreen’s classes.”

Margaret GlentmeyerDance Movement Therapy & Yoga

“I very much look forward to my weekly class with Doreen. She is a kind and insightful teacher and has developed my ability to connect with myself at all levels. I enjoy her holistic approach and admire her desire to continue to evolve as a teacher.”