“Doreen has been my yoga teacher for more than 10 years and she is wonderful. Her warmth, humour, patience and teaching method is so individual even in a class of many others. She takes a personal interest in all our lives and I know I can speak to her at any time about yoga or about how I am feeling in daily life. Doreen’s method of teaching continues to grow and I can only hope she will be my teacher for many years to come.”


“The benefits to me of Doreen’s yoga class are that I learn how to listen to my body, how to feel I am at that moment and how not to strain my body. Also, I am in remission from Lymphoma and my lifestyle and Dance Movement Therapy are a part which has helped to keep me well. It has kept me flexible and helped to cope with life better. This means I can still climb hills, dance and help with our property. I love Doreen’s classes.”

Margaret GlentmeyerDance Movement Therapy & Yoga

“I very much look forward to my weekly class with Doreen. She is a kind and insightful teacher and has developed my ability to connect with myself at all levels. I enjoy her holistic approach and admire her desire to continue to evolve as a teacher.”


“Doreen came to my home on a weekly basis and did lessen the effects of my Parkinson disease. I am 91 years old and have some issue with balance so she adapted the exercises so the I could do them while sitting. She used music, imaginative storytelling and humour as we worked our way through a wider range of movements. It was fun and I enjoyed it and always felt better afterwards.”

VirginiaDance Movement Therapy

“For me, Authentic Movement sessions with Doreen are a blend of highly talented and in-tune practitioner and very unique technique. Doreen guided me from being kinda sceptical and self-conscious to feeling comfortable and safe. Encouraged me to be brave to revisit places long forgotten, which is part of the uniqueness of Authentic Movement. It completely bypasses our minds, beliefs, thoughts and takes us where the truths are hidden, so we can heal and be whole again…

With deep gratitude, Marcela.”

MarcelaAuthentic Movement Therapy

“In our 1.5 hours of hatha yoga, Doreen guides each of us at our own level through the strengthening, weight-bearing and deep breathing with patience and gentle humour. We all rise from the final relaxation smiling as if waking from a pleasant dream.”


“I have been doing AMT with Doreen for 5 months and have found our sessions to be insightful & beneficial. Doreen works intuitively & creates a warm trusting atmosphere allowing for an intimate interplay between mover and watcher. I genuinely enjoy these sessions & appreciate the depth & wisdom Doreen brings to them. The guided sessions are like going on an adventure; you are not sure where you will go or what will come up, only by allowing yourself to be completely open to the moment. Relating this to day-to-day life, AMT has provided a strong avenue for self-expression as well as bringing more space into my life.”

SarahAuthentic Movement Therapy

“Doreen brings a natural gentleness to our yoga class and you can’t help but feel serene. Any stresses or negativity is wiped by the gentle massage and stretch that your body is given during the class. I feel Doreen is an expert in this field because of the calmness and the knowledge she passes to us through her teachings and her being.”

Janet LintonYoga