“As yoga involves using all parts of the body, with chronic pain I find I overuse some parts and some not much at all. Doreen’s yoga approach helps balance this out. Due to the conditions, movements have been difficult, but with time and perseverance I have managed to regain the skills I lost mentally and physically, and they are little steps at a time. Living with pain often means not breathing properly. Here, Doreen’s yoga class helps in making me aware of the change in my breathing and what to do to breathe through the pain and anxiety. During a class, it is not always easy, not that it’s meant to be. Having completed a session, my mind and body were given a good work out. Therefore, relaxing after is very easy and cutting off from the world mentally and physically. At times the thought of going to yoga when I’m at a low point hasn’t been easy, but making myself has been so beneficial mentally and physically. In the end, I always feel I have achieved something.”