“Recently, I was diagnosed with a serious and life-shortening illness and have been having additional one-on-one classes with Doreen. These have been a combination of Dance Movement Therapy and Authentic Movement. Here especially Doreen has been able to tune into my needs and sometimes we do Dance Movement Therapy, sometimes Authentic Movement – and sometimes a combination of both. In DMT she uses movement to help my body and mind get in tune with each other and to help me focus on particular parts of my body that need love and attention, encouraging balance and release. She has also enabled me to find some tools to get through some really difficult and challenging times.

In Authentic Movement she encourages, and gives me time, to allow my body to do the movements it feels it needs right then – whilst she observes. At first, this was a bit scary but I soon discovered that, if I let it, my body really did know what I needed and the movements enabled me to express not only what was going on for my body but within my mind too. Doreen, as “observer” invariably correctly translates these movements in the discussion and drawing session we have afterwards. I never leave her studio without feeling better, happier with myself and with a lovely balance between body and mind.”