What is Authentic Movement Therapy?

Authentic Movement Therapy is NOT like other stress reduction exercises. It is a completed self-directed practice, where a participant follows his/her impulses to move through space, eyes closed to lead them to their own healing process. Authentic Movement Therapy is entirely free from any direction or expectation in order to explore psychological processes and drop down into the self. During your session, you may discover a movement pathway which acts like a bridge between the unconscious and the conscious. As such you may feel more connected to yourself, understand yourself better and simply feel connected to life and those around you – an experience which is deeply nourishing to heart and spirit.

Why choose Authentic Movement Therapy?

Within the practice of Authentic Movement Therapy, we recognise 3 major aspects. Participants enjoy benefits which are therapeutic, creative or renewing (or a combination). It can increase self-awareness, facilitate both creative problem solving and deep emotional growth, and integrate body/mind/spiritual health.

Who can book an Authentic Movement session?

First up, no experience in movement or exercise is necessary. Looking at the 3 aspects of Authentic Movement Therapy above, it is suitable for anyone who …

  • wishes to support longing for healing through movements and developing a healthy body connection and awareness. (THERAPEUTIC)
  • feels the urge for being more creative and inventive, or for deeply reconnecting with their creative impulses. (CREATIVE)
  • wants to break through frozen patterns in daily life, pause their busy life and replenish themselves. (RENEWING)

What happens in an Authentic Movement session?

During your Authentic Movement session, you are the Mover. You will start in a comfortable position, eyes closed. You then wait for stimuli (sensations in the body, emotions, images, thoughts) to arise within you and impulsively express movement/sound. From time to time, you might be still, listening, feeling and sensing what is present, leading to true and authentic movements. You can be what you are or would like to be.

As the dance therapist, I am holding the space for you and become what we call the Witness. I sit at the edge of the room in silence, observing and paying attention to the non-verbal communication of the body.

When the movement phase is over, we can speak about the experience if you wish to do so. This can be an empowering part to understand and to connect within yourself. It can also provide an inner permission to be free, without judgements and expectations.

Dance Movement Therapy

Suitable for all ages and abilities, the aim of Dance Movement Therapy is to achieve true well-being on all levels. Your body is the key to facilitate profound healing of feelings which might be trapped within.